A vacation from vacations!

I was on vacation last week. And I worked.  I like working on vacation – it makes returning from vacation so much easier because little problems don’t fester into big problems.  Friends and clients give me a hard time for working on vacation. They say that it interferes with me “doing other things.” They don’t understand that I don’t like “doing other things” on vacation. I think people over-plan vacations – too much scheduling, deadlines and effort (and usually hiking. I hate hiking).  We stayed in a beautiful house on a lake with an incredible view.  I didn’t need leave the house. I slept, drank flavored rum, listened to my son perfect a handful of songs on his guitar and played Cribbage with my wife (which is like trying a case against a much smarter lawyer). I also started a 1000 piece puzzle (which I haven’t done in a decade) and discovered something interesting. A huge puzzle spread out on a table for a week is  a people-magnet. Adults, children and (gasp) teenagers cannot resist adding a piece or two throughout the day and evening. Working on a puzzle also leads to (real) conversations. No Pandora, texting, Facetime, Snapchat or any of the other things that detract from conversation.    I came back relaxed, rested, and confident that the first morning back wouldn’t be complete chaos.  I don’t regret working or “doing nothing.” And I didn’t have to hike! It was a perfect vacation.