Customer service really does matter!

A couple of weeks ago I called ahead to a Panda Express for a “to go” order (thinking that would save time). When I walked in to pick it up I counted 11 employees standing in small groups talking and laughing, and one employee helping a customer. Not one of them acknowledged me for at least 2-3 minutes. Finally, the one who had been helping a customer walked over to help me. Her name tag said “Trainee.” Apparently they hadn’t taught her how to ignore customers yet.  On the other hand, I’ve spent a ton of time this week trying to finalize a somewhat complicated real estate deal.  Scott Black, a business banker at Mission Bank, moved mountains to get it done.  I’m not surprised – from upper management to the first teller who greets you every time you walk in branch, good customer service is a hallmark of Mission Bank. Local bank. Great service.   It matters.