The 21st Century Metal/Wood Shop Class!

I didn’t think I would have fun at Garces Memorial High School’s Parent Night on Monday.  But, after the first five (long, hot) classes I went to my daughter’s Virtual Business “class” and discovered there was nothing virtual about it. With exceptional guidance from the teacher, Blaine Geissel, the lucky students in the class run the Student Store – and they don’t just sell candy!  They learn how to design and produce custom shirts, sweatshirts and other items using computers, presses, and screen printing equipment which they sell to students, parents, clubs and the public.  They also research and decide which products to sell in the store and price them appropriately to drive sales.  They all have to work in the store during breaks and lunches (sometimes on weekends) and are required to “call in” if they are going to be absent.  During down times they buy and sell virtual stocks; they discuss current events that affect business; and they learn about taxes and accounting.  Basically, they are learning tangible, important life skills required in the workplace, including dealing with customers, coworkers and all of the unexpected problems that arise in every business. Cheers to Garces for supporting this class and to Mr. Geissel for helping our next generation of workers start with a great foundation! We need more of these programs.