I told you so!!!

On January 18th, I posted a satirical article about robots demanding workplace “rights.”  Still, I was shocked to see this headline on CNN.com this week:  “Experts warn Europe: Don’t grant robots rights.” The article explains that the European Parliament passed a resolution last year that envisions a special legal status for “electronic persons” for the most sophisticated autonomous robots. Are you kidding me!!!!! As of today, I no longer believe in evolution.  From now on I believe in “devolution” which is my new word for the systematic erosion of human intelligence that seems to be rampant in the world. Basically, we’re getting dumber.  I never imagined that my children and (future) grandchildren would either “live” in pods creating energy for their robotic masters while obliviously ensconced in the Matrix, OR, be mercilessly ruled by a more intelligent species (remember Planet of the Apes?). Now I’m not so sure. In fact, I’m not sure that apes have to get any smarter.  If they just wait awhile I think humans might just devolve below them. And if nature is really patient we might be living in Planet of the Mice.  We have  brains for a reason. We need to use them more.