Never underestimate the power of humor!

I was walking downtown last weekend and as I came around a corner I walked right into two guys yelling at each other. I don’t know if they were homeless but they clearly spent a lot of time on the streets.  Since it was too late to turn around or cross the street I put my head down and tried to walk quickly past them. When we were about even Guy #1 yelled at Guy #2 “you ain’t nothing but a clown, dog!” Before my next step hit the ground, I started laughing.  Guy #1 stepped toward me and, using language I can’t repeat, inquired as to what I found so humorous and whether I fancied myself a comedian.  I said, “I’m laughing at what you just said. It was funny.  Say it again a little faster and kind of sing it.”  Guy #1 said “you’re crazy!” Before I could confirm or deny his suspicions, Guy #2 started laughing and said “I get it, it sounds like that Elvis Presley song.  You know, the hound dog one.”  Slowly, the look on Guy #1’s face went from anger, to understanding, to a huge smile.  He said, “I swear I didn’t think of that before I said it.”  I said, “I know, that’s what made it so funny.”  We wished each other a good day and I walked away. When I reached the end of the block I could still hear them laughing and singing Elvis.