Someone thought this was a good idea?

I’ve always paid attention to advertising and marketing slogans because they can be really entertaining. In San Francisco, there’s a Chinese restaurant off of Geary Street. with the slogan “Five Coins Happiness.”  No idea what it means but the food was great.  Just south of Fresno going north on Hwy. 99 is huge billboard for a furniture company.  Its slogan: “Come Check Out Our Stool Samples.” Really? Some marketing manager actually signed off on that? AM/PM on I-5 says “Imagine More Snacks Than You Can Imagine.” That’s a little too Twilight Zone-y for me.  Speaking of snacks, there’s a market in Rosedale that advertises “Live Bait & Snacks.”  Kind of insulting that they need to tell us there’s a difference. At least you know what you’re getting – in Oildale there’s a gas station that brags “Eat Here/Get Gas.” Good thing I’m almost on empty.