Human Frogger.

I got flipped off the other day. That’s not a totally rare event but this last one was Walmart’s fault. When I was a kid there was an arcade game called “Frogger.” The goal was getting a frog across a busy street without getting squashed. Flash forward forty years and we have a new generation of people who have taken the game to a much more personal level – they walk in front of cars without any regard for the unequal physics of the situation. I blame Walmart. Walmart builds such huge, undefined “crosswalks” in front of their stores that shoppers start to believe that (1) they have a perpetual right of way, no matter where they are, and (2) they have supernatural powers that protect them from being squashed. In my case I was driving through an intersection with a green light. Walmart shopper stepped off the curb right in my path (on his phone of course). I honked and skidded to a stop inches from him. He glared at me and gave me the one finger wave. Thank you, Walmart!