Little Heroes

Society is always looking for heroes or people to emulate. Athletes, movie stars, internet “influencers”, and other fleeting personalities are popular, but I think we might be looking in the wrong place. Specifically, the answer might be at our feet.  We just rescued our fourth little half chihuahua/half sneaky neighbor dog from Marley’s Mutts.  There’s not much to her; just four pounds of funny looking ears and tail. But it’s amazing how much she has already added to our family.  Her story is heartbreaking and she’s a survivor, but you’d never guess by looking.  She smiles, shares love without reservation, happily eats whatever is on the doggie menu, gets along beautifully with her housemates, and constantly finds little ways to express her gratitude.  She’s optimistic, humble, kind, and loyal – that’s the stuff that heroes are made of.  It might be easy to think that rescuing a shelter animal is altruistic, but I think it’s more than that -I think it’s God’s way of dispersing little angels. The next time you’re considering a pet, be selfish and look at a shelter. I’m positive you’ll find your hero.