Quarantine Musings

I think Covid -19 refers to my weight gain.

If you can’t remember your last shower, it’s time. 

Zoom makes my face look fat. Or, my face is fat. 

Houses need a 1:1 couch-to-person ratio. 

I never thought I would miss waking up and going to the office.

Are germaphobes now just regular people?

Do you still have to smile for pictures if you’re wearing a mask?

I saw a guy in a hockey mask at Home Depot. I was really hoping he wasn’t buying a chainsaw.

People who yell at other people for wearing a mask are dumb.

Whoever invents really fast home Internet service that can run 8 devices 24 hours a day should get a statue in their honor.

There are still sports. I’ve been watching two snails race across a planter box since March 17th .

Having a houseful of healthy friends and family is priceless.