Viral Thoughts

Epidemic + pandemonium = Pandemic.

The CDC says we shouldn’t touch our faces.  Dogs are advocating human cones.

I’m waiting for the first confirmed case of Corona with Lyme Disease.

The President accused the Democrats of causing coronavirus. The Democrats accused the President of causing stupidity.

I think coronavirus was caused by the toilet paper companies.

How weird is it to discipline employees for not calling in sick?

To offset negative publicity Corona Beer is considering changing it name to Ebola Beer.

Heart disease killed 647,000 people in the U.S. last year but we haven’t closed fast food restaurants?

Strange, I saw a guy lower his paper mask to take a drag off of his cigarette.

I bet Disneyland regrets raising its daily ticket price to $2700 last month.

We’re supposed to stay away from public places packed with potentially infected people – so everyone flocks to Costco and Walmart to buy masks?

You can now get your own row on a plane for the price of a cough.

Cruise Ship Special! Buy one week get four more for free (*Disclaimer: the last three are in the Port of Oakland)