Virginia Hall

I don’t normally recommend novels, but I read one this last weekend that I have to share.  The book is called “A Woman of No Importance” by Sonia Purnell. It’s the true story of Virginia Hall, an American spy in France during World War II.  You’ve probably never heard of her. Neither had I, which is a travesty.  After reading the book I’m convinced that she had more to do with the Allied victory in Europe than any other person.  Why has it taken 70 years for her to get the recognition she deserves?  She was the “wrong” gender.  At every step her incredible courage and achievements were discounted by shortsighted men who tried to pigeonhole her in a “woman’s” role.  Fortunately, in addition to being one of the bravest people the world has seen, she had incredible resolve that enabled her to fight through prejudice and disappointment.  It makes wonder how many other women’s talents have been wasted over the years. Virginia Hall was an absolute American (and French) hero and she should be celebrated as an inspiration to all young women (and men).