You REALLY Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Existing law (Business and Professions Code 4830.7) requires a veterinarian, if he or she has reasonable cause to believe an animal under his or her care has been a victim of animal abuse or cruelty to promptly report it to the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the county, city, or city and county in which it occurred.  California Assembly Bill 3040, currently pending in the State Legislature, proposes to amend section 4830.7 to expand that reporting requirement to include when the veterinarian has reasonable cause to believe an animal has been a victim of sexual abuse. Really?  The terms “animal abuse or cruelty” aren’t broad enough that another bill is required? I’m a little concerned.  I have a 130 pound Maremma sheepdog. He sexually abuses every dog that comes over to play (and some people). I’ve tried talking to him about it but I don’t think he gets it. I also tried online sexual harassment training but he couldn’t concentrate for that long. What if one of his playmates goes to the vet and points the paw at my dog? It will really put me in an awkward position if I have to testify against him in an assault trial. He’d probably retaliate. That scares me. I’ve really been trying to figure out the motivation of the Assemblyman who authored the bill, Adrin Nazarian. He must live next door to a Maremma.