Political Correctness Stoops to a New Low!

ESPN recently reassigned broadcaster Robert Lee from the University of Virginia vs. William & Mary football game for fear that his name would “offend” people of Charlottesville.  If I were from Virginia, I think I would be offended that ESPN thought I was dumb enough to attach any significance to a guy with a fairly common name to events that occurred 150 years ago!

However, if I’m wrong, there are bunch of other ESPN newscasters whose names are equally offensive to segments of the community, including:

Scott Van Pelt and Linda Hunt/PETA

Shahira Amin/Ugandans

Phil Black and Hubie Brown/People of Color

Rosemary Church/Atheists

Mary Katherine Ham/Orthodox Jews

Steve Israel/Orthodox Muslims

Soledad O’Brien/Felons

Lou Waters and Hannah Storm/Anyone from Houston

Bob Cain/Descendants of Abel

And ESPN isn’t the only offender:

Gerry Sandusky (Baltimore Ravens broadcaster)/I wouldn’t let him do Steelers games!

Jason and Mara Gay (Wall St. Journal)/No explanation needed

John Short (Edmonton Sun)/I could even be offended by this one

Shotgun Spratling (LA Times)/Anti-gun lobby could really have their feelings hurt

Shelby Grad (LA Times)/Dropouts have feelings too

Steve Elders (LA Times) and Michael Grey (SF Chronicle)/AARP revolt

Stan Parish (Wall St. Journal), Christian Williams (LA Times), Dana Priest (Washington Post)/Promoting religion in the media?

Sue Adolphson (SF Chronicle)/Germans, Jews, Gypsies and most everyone else on earth

Catherine and Vivian Ho (SF Chronicle)/No need to knock working women

There are enough real problems in the world ESPN – Robert Lee isn’t one of them.