We’re Hiring!

Belden Blaine Raytis, LLP is looking for a 1-5 year associate excited to work at a law firm that’s breaking the mold. Belden Blaine Raytis, LLP is not your typical law firm. We believe in work/life balance, which is why our open-ended bonus structure starts at 1,600 hours a year; and, with no formal vacation policy, we allow for flexible schedules and time off.  Our environment lends itself to working in your comfort zone. You can choose your own technology platforms with reimbursement and all MCLE/Bar fees are paid and managed internally. We support education and growth including fully paid continuing education seminars. Please contact Kelsey Hulsey, kelsey@bbr.law to apply.

Generous open-ended bonus structure starting at 1,600 hours

Flexible schedule and vacation polices

Choose your own technology with reimbursement

Casual environment

Participation in 401(k) 

Fully paid employee benefits

Paid MLCE and Bar fees