BeldenBlaine is not your typical law firm -.

Partners Scott Belden, David Blaine and Katy Raytis are client-oriented professionals committed to providing business owners and management with legal services that exceed their expectations in three core areas: cost, efficiency, and results. We don’t look at our clients as “billing opportunities.” We look at legal engagements from your perspective – blending innovation, technology, cost-control and expertise. BeldenBlaine is your legal partner on the matters you entrust to us, and we value that trust in everything we do.


Professional experience.

BeldenBlaine attorneys have a combined 53 years of experience focused almost exclusively on assisting management and business owners in employment, business, and commercial issues throughout California. 

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Reducing costs.

We continually look for ways to reduce the cost of an engagement and regularly utilize flat fee, hybrid, and discount rates to reduce the cost of hourly billing engagements wherever possible. To reduce client cost we utilize associates and paralegals when appropriate, but the partner you hire will be actively involved in your engagement from start to finish- you will not be "delegated" to someone else.  Our success comes from satisfied clients who receive premier representation for the fees they have paid.

Best-in-Class Service

Our Service Pledge

Your legal matters are as important to us as they are to you and successful results require regular, open communication. We promise to each of our clients that we will:
  • Return your calls and emails as soon as possible
  • Regularly update you on the status of your legal matter
  • Consult with you on key strategic decisions
  • Discuss unanticipated fees with you prior to incurring them


Seamless accessibility.

We use the latest technology to improve our case management and client communication, including: integrated electronic document management, 24/7 accessibility by email, cell phone, and text, and cloud based information exchange.

Case Management

Keeping you in the loop.

We encourage clients' active involvement in their cases and we update clients on major case developments immediately.  We will prepare an initial case strategy (along with cost projections) and you will be consulted before any major changes.  No more surprises on your monthly bills!


Outstanding results.

BeldenBlaine attorneys have obtained outstanding trial and settlement results for clients because we do not just “go through the motions.” We never forget that it is favorable results that matter most to our clients.

Human Resources Consulting and Employment Law Counseling

Our flat rate HR Consulting package includes access to our team of Employment law attorneys and HR Professionals specializing in providing legal counsel consulting and training on all aspects and phases of the employment relationship. From hiring to termination, our team provides clients with timely, accurate advice on employment law and human resource issues you may be experiencing in your business today.

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