Things I Don’t Understand (Part 2)

There was an article in our local paper last month that was headlined “No need to leave the sofa with so many grocery and hot food delivery options.”  And if that wasn’t enough to entice the reader, it was followed by “You may never have to walk the aisles of a grocery store again…” Now I can think of several good reasons someone would use a grocery delivery service including: a broken leg, a kid with the flu, or working late. But sitting on the sofa?  And what’s wrong with walking the aisles of the grocery store?  I guess you don’t need to shop if you don’t cook; and you don’t need to cook when you can order all the ingredients (premeasured, chopped and spiced) and have it delivered to your house. Yesterday there was a news story on the death of shopping malls.  Online shopping has eliminated the need to go anywhere for anything. Even the club where I play tennis is getting into this simplification-of-life phenomenon by  heavily marketing “pickle ball.”  I asked someone what it was and he said, it’s like tennis but not as hard, and you don’t have to run.  I said, “why stop there, why don’t you just play ping pong, or video tennis?  Then you wouldn’t have to get off the sofa.”