Could this Solve the World’s Problems!

I was recently in the locker room of an athletic club changing clothes for a game of tennis. A really old guy walked out of the shower and proceeded to brush his teeth, brush his hair, put on lotion, and talk on the phone.  Naked.  My first thought was, “that guy needs to work out more.”  My second thought was, “I need to work out more because I probably look just like him but hadn’t noticed because I don’t shower with my cheater glasses on.” My fitness regime started the next day – and I think it will stick. It also got me thinking about other problems that could be solved by universal nudity.


The Good:

  • No more concealed weapons
  • Elimination of (most) shoplifting
  • The end of discussions about Donald Trump’s hand size
  • Wars could only be fought in perfect weather
  • We could disband the TSA


The Bad:

  • Employee management would be tougher. Boss: “your customer service skills are poor.”  Employee: “Yeah, well your suit is wrinkled.”  Boss: your portfolio is too small.”  Employee: “ha ha, speak for yourself.”
  • Offices couldn’t store any supplies on the bottom shelf
  • Worker’s comp claims would sky rocket in the summer for company vehicles with vinyl seats
  • People would stop going to restaurants


Maybe the hard-core nudists have figured it out.  Lots of problems are caused by egos.  Lots of egos are crushed by nudity.