Random Thoughts on the North Korea Summit

Disclaimer: These are my satirical rantings. They are not political commentary. They are not treasonous. Or heretical. Or Democratic.  Or fake news. Opposing opinions are not necessary or encouraged.

Well, that was a quick but entertaining summit.  I guess both leaders had to get home before their respective people took the opportunity to seal their borders.

If you rearrange the letters of Kim Jong Un you get Go Munjkin!

If you rearrange the letters of Donald Trump you get Damn Turd Pol.

I never realized how much the two men have in common:

One is a thin-skinned, egotistical, megalomaniac, isolationist, anti-democratic, press hating, wannabe world leader, blowhard, who is obsessed with his southern border and feared by his neighbors, who alienates his allies, and has no use for other opinions.  The other is the leader of North Korea.

They both have excellent golf DNA.  Trump claims he is a 2.8 handicap, has won 18 club championships, shot a 68 at the Bel Air course and is “by far” the best golfer to ever occupy the White House. Kim’s father shot a 34 under par including five holes-in-one.  In his first round of golf!

Both are (allegedly) secretly supported by Russia.

Both were elected with huge majorities and had nearly 100% of their populations attend their inaugurations.

One is a tweeter. The other is a twit.

Both have…unique…hairstyles

They have a tenuous relationship with the truth.

They are both prodigious scholars with B.S. degrees in multiple disciplines.

One regularly fires disloyal staff. The other regularly fires (machine guns) at disloyal staff.

At least neither of them uses the term “nucular.”