Mystery Solved!

Everyone knows the old cliché about socks disappearing in the wash.  I think I’ve solved it. I was scraping the bottom of the sock drawer this week and checked the free-range sock basket in our laundry room trying to make a pair. There were 23 solo socks, but seven of them were socks that no one in our house would have ever worn: a child’s sock; an ugly green one, a compression sock, etc.  Then it hit me.  Socks can travel through a cosmic wormhole to other dryers.  There’s no point looking for your missing socks because they’re at someone else’s house.  And socks aren’t alone.  Tupperware lids and bases can travel through the same wormhole.  No one would ever use lids and containers separately so how else can you end up with 42 lids and 8 containers and none of them match?  Ever drop something in your car while driving and never find it? But while you’re looking you find a random bracelet, some pesos, and an empty Sun Chip bag that you know you would never have eaten?  Wormhole. Keys? Cheater glasses? Remotes? If I could just get the pile of papers in my inbox to jump into the wormhole, today would be much more fun.