Ode to Diners!

I’ve rediscovered the magic of old fashioned diners. At least once a week I belly up to the counter at the 24 Street Café for breakfast. The seats are so close together it feels like you’re on a date with the stranger sitting next to you. But closeness leads to conversation.  The coffee is perfect.  I only have one cup. Six times.  No matter how much you drink the mug is always full.  Traditional newspaper companies should invest in diners. It’s the only place I read the paper. There’s something about diners that discourages electronic devices. Diner cooks are the last of the Jedi masters when it comes to cooking perfect eggs.  Over easy, medium, hard, sunny side up, dry, runny, you name it. They get it right.  You can try to order healthy but it feels like wearing a 49ers jersey to a Raider game.  My friend really wanted biscuits and gravy but chose an egg white and vegetable omelet instead.  When the food came the side was biscuits and gravy!  Diners are timeless – comfort food, old-fashioned conversation, and regulars who smile at you without knowing your name. It’s the perfect way to start the day.