Life was much simpler when I was only afraid of two things: snakes and werewolves.  My snake fear is genetic.  My werewolf fear is a result of watching the creepy soap opera “Dark Shadows” when I was a kid.  Dealing with those fears was pretty easy, I just avoided places with snakes and was extra careful during full moons.  Last week my fear world was rocked as I watched my friend suffer through a kidney stone. I learned that kidney “stone” is one of the greatest misnomers in history. Those things should be called kidney goat heads. You know, those demonic looking grass stickers that hurt so bad they can bring a grown man to tears. Now imagine forcing a goat head slowly through a straw.  I can handle a little pain, but not torture.  I’d give up the location of the secret rebel base after about a minute of lightweight torture.  I don’t think I could handle a kidney goat head.  They scare me.  Sorry werewolves, you just moved down the list.