What an Amazing Life!

I’ve been glued to the television the last couple of days watching the pageantry surrounding the death of President Bush (41) and mourning the end of an era. George H.W. Bush: absolute war hero, Congressman, Ambassador to China, Director of the CIA, Vice President, President of the United States and father of another.  Each of those accomplishments would be considered a significant contribution to America but collectively they represent a life of service we might never see again.  In his case, political differences are irrelevant. In life and death he transcended the pettiness of politics.  I suspect that the tens of thousands of citizens who stood in the cold yesterday waiting to salute the train carrying his body were of every political leaning.  They were there to honor the office, the person, and the country.  I don’t know if history will view him as a good President, but it will undoubtedly view him as an extraordinary man.  Rest in Peace Mr. President, you earned it.