La stazione ferroviaria è malata! (“The train station is sick”)

Years ago my wife and I got to live in Italy for several months and came across this sign one day when traveling.  I remembered it the other day and realized that California employers and business owners play too fairly!  The California legislature has been beating up on employers since at least the 1970s but we simply adapt, make do, and hope for a change.  Well guess what – the California legislature will NEVER look at life from a business perspective! In Italy, business owners express their dissatisfaction by simply closing – no planning, no notice, no demands, no picketing, and no apologies.  They just close. It generally doesn’t last long but the uncertainty is very effective. I think we should try that. For example, what would happen if trucking companies just took a day off? Aaaaaaah, no Amazon or grocery store deliveries? No overnight parts shipments?  Yes, it would inconvenience customers, vendors, and business partners but it would send a message.  Employees call out all the time without notice which causes a lot of inconvenience. Why can’t businesses?  Lo studio legale è malato. The law firm is sick.  I like the sound of that.